Winter Care Tips for PETS by Dr. Ramiz Mondal

How to take care Pets in Winter? Written & discussed by Dr. Ramiz Mondal, Veterinary Physician & Nutritionist ( BVSc. & AH; MVSc in Animal Nutrition ) Winter is just around the corner. Here are a few tips that can keep your furry friends safe, healthy and warm. We shouldn’t ignore the moral responsibility to […]


PROS & CONS Of “Neutering” IN DOGS, CATS Dr. Ramiz Mondal, Veterinary Physician & Nutritionist &  Dr. Samina Parveen, Veterinary Officer,  Govt. of W.B. If you have an aggressive or particularly lively dog and you believe that with a castration it turns into a lamb, you are wrong. It’s high time to rethink animal breeding […]

How to Care A Pregnant Dog or Cat ?

for a Pregnant Dog/Cat Discussed by Dr. Parveen, Samina; Veterinary Officer, Govt. of W.B. Reviewed by Dr. Mondal, Ramiz; Veterinary Physician Caring for a pregnant dog can be an exciting time but also a little nerve-racking at first. What do you need to do as a pet parent to help your canine companion through her […]

Veterinary Methods to Confirm a Dog/Cat Pregnancy

How to confirm cat/dog pregnancy? Written and discussed by Dr. Ramiz Mondal ( MVSc.) Two or three weeks after the mating happened, you should bring your pet to the Vet for a check-up and receive valuable advice on what to expect for the next weeks. Your vet will inform you of the diet your dog […]

True Vs False Pregnancy In Pet Animals

Written & Discussed by Dr. Samina Parveen (Veterinary Officer in ARD Dept. Govt Of  WB)  Reviewed by Dr. Ramiz Mondal (MVSc. in Animal Nutrition) False pregnancy in a pet is the result of a rapid decrease in the hormone progesterone and an increase in the hormone prolactin. These hormonal changes occur normally in an unspayed […]

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